Thank you for years
of soapy & biz fun!

Central Soapers Workshop was born in June 2012, and was organized by myself, Kenna of Modern Soapmaking, and a fabulous team of ever-changing volunteers and helping hands.

Central Soapers Workshop was organized as a two day weekend retreat for soapmakers, in super laidback and casual style, nestled in Kansas City, KS/MO. Classes and presentations were held during the day, including the legendary Soap Lab where attendees made their own batches of soap during the conference. CSW was unique in that it offered an even mix of workshops focused on both soapmaking and business.

Central Soapers Workshop returned again in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, Central Soapers Workshop became the first soapmaking conference to offer a virtual registration option, allowing attendees from around the globe to join in on the fun.

Central Soapers Workshop saw the support of hundreds of attendees, speakers, and sponsors over the years. I could not be more grateful for that!

As of now, Central Soapers Workshop does not have plans for an annual return in 2016.

Curious to know why? You can read up on my blog at Modern Soapmaking over here:

If you are interested in future reincarnations of Central Soapers Workshop, follow me along on Modern Soapmaking!

Here are just some of the fabulous sponsors Central Soapers Workshop saw in 2015!

Please continue to show them love for supporting events in our industry:
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