About Central Soapers Workshop

Central Soapers Workshop was born in June 2012, and is organized by myself, Kenna of Modern Soapmaking, and a fabulous team of ever-changing volunteers and helping hands.

After many years of wishing I could go to conferences and gatherings in other states and regions, I slowly began to wonder why there wasn’t any soapmaking gatherings in the central United States region. After a year of pondering the why’s and what-if’s, I decided that it’s time to put my foot in my mouth and make something happen for us lonely folks.

Attendance and Registration

Attendance is open to all soapmakers nationwide, regardless of membership affiliations with trade groups, with a focus on soapmakers in the central United States region.

The live registration fee includes attendance to classes, demonstrations, and presentations on the registration track, participation in raffles and door prizes, a swag bag, a workshop booklet detailing CSW information with space to store handouts and access to the sessions from both tracks online after CSW 2015. Lunch and snacks are provided as part of the live registration fee.

New for CSW 2015 is the option to register for a virtual experience, allowing all of our global friends to join in on the fun! The virtual registration fee includes online access to classes, demonstrations, and presentations from both tracks following CSW 2015.

Classes, Demonstrations, and Presentations

A wide variety of topics and presentations are offered, covering soapmaking techniques, methods, and information in the Soapmaker’s Track, and business aspects such as photography, marketing, branding, personal development, and more in the Business Track.

Vendors & Sponsors

Vendor space is available for vendors and suppliers who offer products or services of interest to handcrafted soapmakers, or related services to small business ownership. Please contact CSW for more information about vendor space at Central Soapers Workshop.

CSW welcomes sponsors to support our gathering, and would love to speak with interested parties about how they can help bring the soapmaking fun back to the central U.S., while gaining exposure with the movers and shakers of our industry right here in the central region.

The humble beginnings…

The first Central Soapers Workshop was held March 9-10, 2013 in Overland Park, Kansas at the Capitol Federal Conference Center on Johnson County Community College’s campus.

The Central Soapers Workshop was organized as a two day weekend retreat for soapmakers, in super laid back and casual style. Classes and presentations were held during the day.

A huge thank you to Amy of Great Cakes Soapworks, Sandi of Harmony Bath & Body, Crystal of Dirty Water Soapworks and Teddi of Country Bubbles Soap for all of their help, support, and volunteer hours that helped make the very first CSW a success!

CSW also wants to extend endless gratitude to the following soapmakers who helped to get CSW 2013 off the ground by registering before we even had a venue. These soapers made it possible for CSW to come to fruition, and without their support, we wouldn’t be here today! A huge round of applause and thanks to Spoonbridge SoapsGreat Cakes SoapworksSavon ArtsCountry Bubbles SoapsAva Bayba SoapsCoffeeHouse SudsWild Prairie SoapsLovin’ Soap, and Dirty Water Soap Works!